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The SCI-CO+ System is the technological platform of the SCI-CO+ Project which allows registered users to participate in a large community of practice in the field of Science Communication and to take advantage of a set of services dedicated to communication, sharing, confrontation, to cooperative work. Furthermore, through the SCI-CO+ System it is possible to participate in specialized training courses on various advanced skills required to facilitate the digital transition of the sector.

Community & Networking Area

Education and Training Area

Community & Networking Area

The Community and Networking Area of SCI-CO+ provides a set of services that allow comparison, sharing and communication. These services permit:

  1. participation in the SCI-CO+ Community of Practice (Sci-Co+ Community) and all its communication and sharing tools
  2. the use of cooperative work tools and advanced communication (Sci-Co+ Networking).
  3. access to the SCI-CO+ Specialist Electronic Library (Sci-Co+ eLibrary).
  4. the use of the SCI-CO+ Specialized Electronic Encyclopedia (Sci-Co+ Wiki).
  5. the access to the quarterly Electronic Review of SCI-CO+ New Frontiers in Science Communication“.

These services constitute the Knowledge Management and Collective Intelligence System (KMCIS) of SCI-CO+ through which it is possible to immerse oneself in an advanced LearningWorking environment.

The SCI-CO+ Community is multilingual.

Access to the Community & Networking Area is allowed only to registered Users.

Education and Training Area

The E&T Area of SCI-CO+ carries out a specific professional education and training activities in the field of Science Communication through a complex technological-organizational infrastructure. In particular, it offers:

  • Specialization Courses for Graduates in:
    • Communication Disciplines
    • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
    • Technical and scientific discipline
  • Upskilling Courses aimed at:
    • Operators of Science Museums and Science Centres and other Public Engagement organizations
    • University researchers in science and technology
    • High school teachers of scientific and technical subjects, in particular STEM

The Technological-Organizational Infrastructure of the SCI-CO+ E&T is divided into three distinct integrated platforms that form a Knowledge Management and Collective Intelligence System. This System makes applicable the LearningWorking methodology that is the basis of the training strategy of the SCI-SO+ Project.

e-Learning Platform

(Sci-Co+ LMS)

The e-Learning Platform allows to deliver distance learning modules.

e-Stage Platform
(Sci-Co+ eSMS)

The e-Internship Platform allows you to manage internship activities carried out in smart-working.

Virtual Didactic Lab
(Sci-Co+ VDL)

This platform is a web environment in which several examples of Advanced Science Communication– experiments, simulations, interactive and non-interactive descriptions of scientific phenomena, etc. – are delivered remotely.

Access to the Education & Training Area is allowed only to Learners, users enrolled in a Specialization or Upskilling SCI-CO+ Course. A Learner also automatically accesses the Community & Networking Area.


SCI-CO+ produces an Electronic Magazine and a Book. These products have an important educational-training and informative value and, at the same time, a central role for the dissemination of the Project.
The commitment of the Partnership in this activity is very high. An Editorial Board works on the creation of the magazine and the development of the book.

“New Frontiers of Science Communication”

The quarterly electronic journal published by the SCI-CO+ Project contains articles of interest, specific results of the Project, contributions from participants in Community Forums, information on dissemination (or meeting) initiatives defined by the partnership, indications about conferences and other events on the topics of interest of the Project.

Through the magazine’s website it is possible to read or download the latest issue, read a specific article, access previous issues, carry out text searches on all published content.

The use of the magazine is allowed only to Users of the Community & Networking Area and to the Learners of the Education and Training Area.


The volume “SCI-CO+ – MODELS, PROCESSES AND TECHNIQUES FOR ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION” is an articulated and complete description of the e-SciCo Model and its Application Methodologies, of the new professional figures introduced by the Project and of all the other results achieved. It is available in Italian and English both in e-Book and printed format. the Volume is enriched by a wide integrative apparatus made up of tools, insights, application materials and much more.

The book will be available from January 2025.