SCI-CO+ – 3rd Transnational Partnership Meeting – Lisbon (Portugal)

The “3rd Transnational Meeting of SCI-CO+” is reserved for Project Partners and is organized at Sciencia Viva The Meeting is the third official meeting of the SCI-CO+ Project Partnership and the second in presence.

From the development point of view, the meeting has the following objectives:

  • Presentation of results achieved until November 2023:
  • The SCI-CO+ Model and Methodologies (progress)
  • The Magazine
  • The Portal
  • The Service System (progress)
  • Dissemination initiatives carried out.
  • Activities to be carried out in the semester December 2023 – May-2024 and related development programs:
  • Completion of the SCI-CO+ Model and Methodologies
  • Implementation of SCI-CO+ e-Learning and e-Stage Platforms
  • Design of the Specialised Professional Figures of SCI-CO+
  • First activities for the Courses planning
  • Publication of issues 2, 3 and 4 of the Magazine
  • Completion of the linguistic localization of the Project Brochure.

From the management point of view, the objectives set are as follows:

  • Deepen the administrative aspects related to the Spending progress.
  • Presentation of the Interim Report Schema (Period 01/12/2022- 01/03/2024) for submission within 31/3/2024.
  • Revision of the Work Programme Timetable
  • Planning the quality assessment questionnaires submission.
  • Planning of the 4th Transnational Meeting in Sweden.


The Meeting will also be an opportunity to present the SCI-CO+ Project to the Portuguese community through an Open Seminar which will be held on the morning of the second day and to which, in particular, the Project’s stakeholders will be invited.